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Steamed Bun with
pork filling

Ingredient of Bun Skin:

Flour - 1000 g (Globe/Bakers' Choice 11)
High sugar dry yeast - 8 g 
Baking powder - 8 g 
Sugar - 180 g
Salt - 5 g
Water - 450 g
Shortening - 20 g

Ingredient of Bun Filling:

Ground Pork Meat - 1000 g
Lard - 429 g
Monosodium glutamate MSG - 20 g
Sugar - 54 g
Salt - 7 g
Broth mix - 18 g
Ground/Crushed Black Pepper - 11 g
Sticky rice flour - 54 g
Sesame oil - 36 g

Oyster Sauce - 18 g
Onion - 107 g (cut into cubes)
Shallot - 71 g (cut into small cubes)
Dehydrated yam bean - 357 g (cut into cubes)
Carrot - 107 g (Julienne peel)
Tree ear mushroom - 71 g (cut into small cubes)
Black forest mushroom - 107 g (cut into small cubes)

Step 1: Prepare steam bun skin

  1. Prepare tray and steamer.
  2. Weight ingredients for steamed bun skin separately.
  3. Dissolve yeast by a little bit water separately. The rest of water is used to dissolved sugar and salt before mixing.
  4. Add all ingredients into mixing bowl. Mix until the dough surface is little smooth.
  5. Rest the dough 10 min.
  6. Use sheeter sheet the dough few times. After that, roll in and divide.
  7. Scale the dough 75g for wrapping 45gram meat filling.

Step 2: prepare meat filling

  1. Weight ingredients for filling separately.
  2. Add all ingredients into mixing bowl, mix by hand til well corporate.
  3. Divide 45gr/ball. Wrap filling by stretch film.
  4. Prepare steamed bun skin.

Step 3: proofing and steaming

  1. Wrap filling by the dough and put on the paper.
  2. Proof at 35 degree C around 90 min.
  3. Steam at 100 degree C for 20 min.
  4. Take out, cool down and enjoy. 

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