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Banh Tieu

Product introduction :

Banh Tieu is a traditional easy-to-make cake of Vietnamese. Now renewed with the recipe of adding eggs to help the cake have a high nutritional content as well as a more attractive taste. In particular, this cake is made from Globe (All-Purpose Flour), which helps the cake to expand and absorb less oil when frying. 

Ingredient :

Flour - 500 g (Globe)
High sugar dry yeast - 1 g
Baking powder - 7.5 g
Sugar - 110 g
Water - 230 g
Egg - 50 g
Salt - 3 g
Sesame - 50 g 

Processing :

  1. Prepare tray and fryer.
  2. Separately scale ingredients.
  3. Add all ingredient except sesame in mixing bowl. Mix until all ingredients well cooperated and the dough isn't stick to your hand. Put in bowl and wrap it. Let it rest for 60-90 min.
  4. Divide 40 - 60g/piece, top sesame, rest 10 min.
  5. Sheet the dough till thickness is 3-4mm and round shape.
  6. Fry at 180 degree C for 2-3 min, turn and fry till get golden color.
  7. Take out. Cool down, drain oil and enjoy.