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Halloween Festival, originated from the West, has been introduced and widely accepted in Vietnam as well as in many countries around the world. Every October by early, not only children but also adults eagerly look forward to this festive event. Due to the impact of Covid epidemic, the children had to stay at home, so this year's Halloween season became special. Therefore, with the desire of offering the un-forgettable & meaningful memory for this festival to parents and children, our Interflour organizes the game show, called "CREATIVE HALLOWEEN CAKE", where parents can enjoy themselves in creation of impressive and unique Halloween cake styles.

1. FORM: Game show online, upload photos on Interflour Fanpage.
2. TIME: 21 – 31 October, 2021
- Participants like and share the post in public mode.
- Contestants send photos or videos (no more than 30 seconds) of creative cakes made from Globe, multi-purpose flour, Bakers' Choice with Halloween theme with a short message you want to send to others. The content of the contest photo or video will include the type of flour used by the contestant.
- A contestant can submit multiple entries for the contest. Each assignment will be scored separately.

- 1 like photo/video = 1 point.
- Tag 1 friend = 1 point (if the person is tagged multiple times, it will only be counted as 1 time). There is no limit to the number of people tagged.
Total score = Total likes + tag points.

Prizes will be ranked from highest to lowest.
01 First prize: 1 box of Globe, multi-purpose flour + 2 Interflour T-shirts + 2 Interflour raincoats.
01 Second prize: 1 box of Globe, multi-purpose flour + 2 Interflour T-shirts.
01 Third prize: 1 box of Globe, multi-purpose flour + 2 Interflour raincoats
01 Active prize (individual with the most entries): 1 box of Globe, multi-purpose flour.

In addition, each individual participating in the game will receive 1 INTERFLOUR logo razor/powder cutter.

The organizers will summarize and announce the awards on November 2, 2021 on the Interflour Fanpage.

#BotMiDiaCau #InterflourVietnam #halloween #halloweengame 

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